Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Books

Your first blog post will be about your independent novel. Answer the following questions in complete sentences:
Book Title:
# of pages:
Exposition: Describe the exposition of the book. Be sure to include the characters (indicate which character is the main character, and maybe 3 other characters), the setting (time and place), and summarize what has happened in the story so far.

The story I'm currently reading is Finding Lubchenko, which is written by Michael Simmons, and is 279 pages long. The genre of this story would fall in between a mystery and action novel. The main character of this story is told through the eyes of Evan Macalister, a 16 year old poor boy surrounded by great wealth and opulence. The story surrounds mainly around 4 people: Evan, his harsh, mean father who disciplines Evan any second he can, his best friend Ruben, who is an absolute genius in the fields of technology, and Evan's tattooed-men loving best friend (and love interest) Erika. This mainly takes place in present time, in a Seattle, as there's many signs of technology we use today. So far, in this story, Evan explains his frustration in being a poor kid with a millionaire as a dad, leading him to steal from his father's company and selling the technology. Soon, however, Evan's wealthy, mean father is accused of a crime he is innocent of. The evidence, emails from the man who actually committed the crime, happen to be in one of the computers Evan stole. He has two options, wether to turn himself in and hand over the evidence, or to look for the man himself, in Paris. So, Evan convinces his two friends to tag along and help him on this journey, in the adventure and mission of Finding Lubchenko.

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